•  Be on time. If you are early you will have to wait until your appointed time starts.

  • Be clean. Very clean. This means head to toe shower or at minimum wet wipes.

  • Use the mouthwash provided and wash your hands. Handwashing is a simple cleansing ritual to practice before entering a new space.

  • Be honest. If you have medical issues, physical impairments, are on medication or are feeling unwell discuss this before your session starts. If there is anything you feel the need to go over beforehand, discuss it.

  • I offer a judgement-free space. As long as you are polite and respectful I welcome anything you wish to share or discuss.

  • Do not show up intoxicated. You will have to reschedule your session and that does not bode well for booking a second time.

  • I session out of Ivy Manor Studios in DTLA, a fully equipped multi-level production space. If you have a specific session location request or do not live in LA you can give details on your session request here.

  • I am available to session 7 days a week with notice. That being said, My PREFERRED time frame to play is in the early afternoon and between the hours of 11am and 7pm Thursday- Sunday. ***IF your availability falls outside of that window I am happy to work with you***

  • If it is your first time sessioning with Me you will be required to submit a partial deposit.

  • I do not session or communicate with those who pester, annoy or waste My time.

  • Gifts are not necessary, but always welcomed. If you feel compelled to worship Me in that respect you may refer to My wishlists here.

  • I do not switch. I offer a strictly Femdom BDSM experience. I do not engage in nudity or sexual acts of any kind.

  • Mistress is the proper way to address Me.

  • I adhere to R.A.C.K. (risk aware consensual kink)