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My style is strict, deliberate and taunting wrapped in a feminine demeanor. Haughty, cold and calculating; I am pale, dark-haired and olive-green eyed. My figure is a slender hourglass, tiny waisted and curvy. I am 5’8” in stockings. My size 7.5 feet come with extremely dexterous toes.

Educated in Europe I am a well-traveled and intelligent Mistress. Both poised and creative, I enjoy power exchange and aim to make a session enjoyable for all parties involved. I respect limits while still being able to push a slave exactly when and where it's needed. 

There is nothing I love more than a true submissive willing to endure for My amusement.

I am fortunate to count Isabella Sinclaire, Simone Justice and Damiana Chi as My teachers and mentors in the art of domination.



Below are My current core interests. I am open to discussing and exploring other types of play, interests with * are of particular enjoyment for Me. If you don't see your interest listed below, ask. I session with all genders, as well as couples. 

Blackmail I own you, enjoy your loss of control

*Bondage* rope, restraints, chains, caging

Cast/Crutches/Broken Bone Fetish in addition to compression wraps and bandages 

*CBT/Ball Busting* light to heavy

*Corporal Punishment/Impact Play/OTK* floggers, crops, whips, canes, barehand spankings and face slapping

*Cross Dressing/Forced Feminization/Sissy play* partial to full transformation

*Cupping* Chinese suction therapy for energy flow along the body’s meridian lines

*Domestic Training* floors, toilet, laundry, dishes and whatever else that needs doing around the dungeon

Electro Play Violet/Neon Wand, Tens Unit/E-Stim

*Foot Fetish* worshipping on the floor where you belong

Footwear and Legwear Worship heels, boots, stockings, pantyhose, leggings

Garment Worship latex, leather, lingerie, stockings, shoes

Goddess Worship arms, hands, ass, feet, legs

Guided Meditation and Hypnosis relinquish control of your mind, refocus your energy

*Human Furniture* attempt to make yourself useful as a footstool, chair or another inanimate object

*Humiliation and Degradation* relish the feeling of being exposed and vulnerable

*Interrogation* I’ll take great joy in breaking you

Medical Play play piercing, scalpels, blood letting, enemas, catheters, staples

*NT* for My pleasure, not yours

Role Play scenarios bitchy nurse, yoga teacher, schoolteacher, landlord, neighbor, boss, matriarch, the possibilities are endless

Sensory Play ice, Icy Hot, Tiger Balm, wax

*Smoking Fetish/Human Ashtray/Spittoon* be My receptacle

*SPH* it’s completely useless and you know it

*Slave Training* improving you, one correction at a time

Smothering in latex or leather

Tease and Denial you can only dream

Trampling be pushed into the ground under the weight of your Mistress